Ole Bundgaard
Painter, writer and composer


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Ole Bundgaard is one of the pioneers within the area of computerassisted art in Denmark. for more than 15 years he has been working with the computer as a tool in his creation of art.

In addition he has been working with a lot of other techniques during the past 30 years: oil, pastel, acrylic, collage and mixed media’s plus various graphic techniques. 

The style of Bundgaard comes close to a figurative abstract symbolic expressionism. Myths are the foundation of his art.


Ole Bundgaard: Spor i tiden 2000

Ole Bundgaard: Aftenlandet, 1993

First appearance: Artists Summer-
exhibition, Denmark (by hanging
Since first appearance more than 200 exhibitions in galleries, Museums of Art, International Biennials & Triennials, Associations of Art and public institutions in Denmark, Poland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, England, Spain, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and U.S.A. In those are included about 50 exhibitions by hanging committee. Represented and sold to many public institutions, art galleries and privates in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Japan and U.S.A.


Latest exhibitions 1991-2003

By hanging committee in Denmark:
Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling 1994 Copenhagen.
Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling 1974,-95.
Kunstnernes Vinterudstilling 1992, -94.
Vestsjællands Kunstudstilling 1992,-93,-97.

What did the critics say:

,,The ability to create aesthetic qualities show some of Ole Bundgaards brightening works based on the collage."
Eva Pohl, Berlingske Tidende.

,,Art it is. Conscious and beautiful -
provocative, searching.... Experience
Ole Bundgaard and notice the world - a new world, where the technology of the computer with seductive multiplicity support the pure soul of an artist."
Poul Krabbe, Aalborg Stiftstidende.

The canvases of Ole Bundgaard are the most picturesque. They have the
character of the collage with many
fragmentary coatings. Some forfeit in
whirling, blue-white movements into
darkness, others are textural in a more quiet way, but everywhere appear scraps of words and sentences. Done with discipline and sense of color."
Gertrud Købke Sutton, lnformation

... In the performance of Ole Bundgaard is no kind of pop. He is a seriously working artist. What he has achieved with his computer-graphics - in colors and in black and white as well -is really fantastic.... He has proved that mastering the new technique makes it possible to achieve amazing results. Paintings
containing a lot of beauty too." 
Poul Nielsen, Horsens Dagblad

,,Light, colors, fragrance and an
indefinable feeling are connected with
the computer graphics of Ole Bundgaard... When the computer is
operated by an artist as Ole Bundgaard it gets life, rhythm and movement. You can be convinced by visiting his exhibition on the North Sea Museum".

Lisbeth Davidsen, Vendsyssel Tidende


Museums of Modern Art:
Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum,
1991,-92, Tønder. Denmark.
Kunstcentrum Hohes Arsenal -92,
Rendsburg, Germany.
Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum, "Mythes and Signs" -96, Frederikshavn. Denmark.
Portland Art Museum, -97, Portland, Ohio, U.S.A.
Jens Nielsen/ Olivia Holm Møller
Museet, -97 Holstebro. Denmark.
Storstrøms Kunstmuseum, "Daily
Mythes" -97 Maribo, Denmark.
Museet for Kleinkunst, Holstebro -97 Holstebro, Denmark.
Kirsten Kjærs Museum,-97. Thy,
Muncipal Museum of Modern Art,
“Masters of Graphic Art”, Gyor, -99 Hungary.
Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, “Concrete & Abstract” Aalborg,-99 Denmark
Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum, (Hjørring Kunstmuseum) Hjørring 2002, Denmark

Ole Bundgaard: Drifter, 2001
Other Museums in Denmark:
Nordsømuseet, "In the Sign of the Fish"
-94 Hirtshals.
Eksperimentarium, "Portrait of a
Industrimuseet, "Sonwaggon/Fire in the
Time" Industrimuseet, Horsens
Hanstholm Bunkermuseum,
"Dreamhouse vision" -97.
Danmarks Akvarium, "In the Sign of the
Fish" 2000, Copenhagen.

Art Halls in Denmark
Sak's Art Hall, 1971, 72, 73,74, 75, 76, Svendborg
Gjethuset, 1995, Frederiksværk
Langes Magasin, 1997, Frederikssund
Rundetaarn, 1999, Copenhagen
Toldkammeret, 1999 Helsingore
Portalen, 2003 Greve
Honours and scholarships:
The Governments Art Foundation,
Denmark 1980.
Gramex, The Danish Artists Society,
1986 & -89.
Travelling scholarship. Ministry of
Culture and Art. Denmark 1987.
Unibank Culture Foundation, Denmark
The Danish Society of Authors
Foundation 1991 -92.
The Foundation of Culture, Ministry of
Culture and Art. Denmark 1994.
Copy-Dan, Denmark 1995.
KODA, Composers in Denmark, 1995.
Ministry of Culture and Art. Denmark,
DJBFA's scholarship, last 2002.
Spar Nord, 2002  
International Exhibitions:
The International Triennial -94
Krakow, Poland.
International Print Exhibition, -97, Portland U.S.A.
Graphic Constellation-95, Graz,
Interkontakt Grafik, -95 Prag/Krakow, Poland.
Datakonst,-94, Sweeden.
Den 2. International Minibiennal-93, Sweden.
Certamen Internacional d'Arquitectura de la Vila de Canet de Mar, Barcelona 1993, Spain.
Teknovision-92. Copenhagen.
12. and 13. Internationale Mini-print Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain. 1992, -93. Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaques, Girona, Spanien.
Wingfield Arts & Music Festival,
ConsumentART '95, Nuremberg.
International Art-Mail Biennial.
Bodenburg Germany. 1995.
Art-Mail International-94, Uppsala, Amnesty International, Sweden.
International Computer Art.
Copenhagen Visual-93.
International Triennial
Krakow-Nuremberg Oct. '95.
Candid Gallery, -98 London, England
12. Norwegian International Print
Biennial -99, Norway.
2. International Print Triennial Gyór, Hungary 1999
4. International Triennale, Egypt 2003

Ole Bundgaard: Selvportræt 2001

As a composer many records, concerts, theatres, performances and shows.

Representations in Literature:
Hvedekorn, Journal of Danish Literature and Graphics. Represented with 6 graphical works. 1992
Rhymfaxe, Journal of Danish Art, dec. 1996.
Samvirke, Magazine of Danish Culture, 1996.
Danish Art, 1994 and 2001.
Say it with Digital Pictures, 1997,
Edition Teknisk Forlag.
Directory of print 97/98 CD-Rom
International Print Triennial, Krakow,
“Art”(Kunst) Journal of Danish Art, April/May. 2000.
"Art" Newspaper severale times last january 2003
LandSkaberFolk, (book) Vendsyssel Art Museum 2002

Ole Bundgaard: I nettet, 1994

Ole Bundgaard
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